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America's Lear to create 3,000 jobs in Tetovo Free Zone



US's Lear Corporation launched EUR 15 million investment in the Free Zone Tetovo, and has initially employed 520 people, while aiming for up to 3.000 people.

The new plant covers 12.000 square meters with room for 2.000 employees, and has latest textile producing technology installed. An expansion option would increase the number of workers to 3.000.

Lear representative Sven Damm said that the company plans to produce seat covers for the automotive industry worth between 45 and 50 million EUR in its Tetovo plant, which will go to some of the top automotive brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover. "Lear is a brand that means perfection. We expect to show that here, in Tetovo, as well", said Damm.

The Michigan based corporation works with more than 350 car companies and employs 140.000 people across 36 countries. It is ranked 154th on the Fortune 500 list.