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Albania’s Sagen to invest in Skopje 1 free zone




At a Government held press conference today it was announced that pharmaceutical company "SAGEN DOOEL" based in Tirana, Albania will invest in the Skopje 1 free zone in Macedonia.

The investment is expected to be upwards of€20 million and to employ approximately 300 people. The company is expected to develop the investment in three phases, and has purchased a parcel in the Skopje 1 free zone encompassing an area of 28,000m².

Construction of the production facilities are planned to begin by July 1st at the latest. Once the first phase is completed, production will begin no later than two years from the date of completion. All phases are planned to be completed within 5 years from the commencement of construction activities.

Additionally, eight new agreements have currently been realized, five of which are for leasing land in the free zones and three for state aid, according to Aleksandar Mladenovski, CEO of the Free Zones Authority.

Agreements have also been signed with Turkish companies Murat Ticaret Kablo (€4.5M investment and 300 job openings), Cemdag Lighting Evropa (€4M investment and 200 job openings), Dogan Otomotiv (€1M investment and 30 jobs), Cagatay Kablo (€6M investment and 300 jobs), as well as Germany companies Kessler (€2M investment and 80 jobs), WIK (€6M investment and 50 jobs), and Kostal, which is expected to enlarge its capacity through a €30M investment and an additional 350 job openings.